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Break the bonds of your old way of doing business and embrace the digital future with Broken Art! We analyze your business processes and imagine for you a new way of doing business by leveraging the latest cutting edge digital technologies.

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We're Creative

We find creative ways to tailor the digital transformation process on your real needs.

We're Professional

You can count on us to solve any issue in all the phases of your digital transformation journey.

We're Digital

Our founders and partners have more than 20 years of experience in the IT and Digital industry.

We’re a Digital Transformation Agency.

Our mission is enhancing our customers’ business through digital transformation, that is simplifing and making companies’ business processes more efficient thanks to the adoption of the latest generation of digital technologies.

Cloud adoption

One of the cornerstones of our digital transformation strategy is the Cloud first approach: all the applications we design and implement are Cloud native and we always design the processes with a Cloud perspective in mind.

DevOps methodology

We strongly believe that the best way of accelerating the Cloud Transformation journey of our customers is leveraging on the DevOps methodology as the only effective way to cope with all the complexity introduced by the fast moving parts of a modern scalable and high available cloud infrastructure.

Infrastructure as Code

When we design and implement a Cloud infrastructure for our customers we adopt the same well known best practices that we use for software development. Thanks to such a great tools like Terraform and Ansible, we write, version and document the Cloud infrastructure as it was code. This is the winning approach that empowers our customers to easly extend and replicate their IT infrastructure in any public or private Cloud solution.

Serverless & Containers technologies

We encourage our customers to leverage the containers and serverless technologies to lower the burden of managing, patching and mantaining their own IT infrastructure. All the time saved by our customers not running their own servers, can be invested in developing features and seriveces that really matters for their own business and customers.

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Our Services

Business Processes Analysis

We listen to your business needs and we help you to identify the constraints that prevents your business to scale. Then we help you to determine how the digital transformation of your IT can help you to break those constraints, making a real impact to your business.

Microservices Architecture Design

A modern IT architecture is the key for a successful business. A scalable and extensible software architecture allows you to move faster and anticipate your competitors. A well designed microservice architecture will help you to reduce the time to market supporting your business.

Cloud Migration Strategy and Support

Migrating your IT infrastructure to the Cloud is not just a matter of moving servers or virtual machines from your own datacenter to the public Cloud, but it’s also and primarily about defining the strategy that works better for your specific business needs, to maximise it’s efficency.

DevOps Strategy

The sharp distinction between development and operations activities in your IT is an obstacle to the agility that is now required to run a successful business in a highly competitive and fast moving market. Only embracing a real DevOps culture, your IT can support and not restrain your business.

Application Deployment

Application deployment can be an hassle and one of the worse source of problems in the software lifecycle. Manual deployment processes are time consuming and error prone, but they are also really expensive for the need of valuable human brain. Automation is the only way to go!

Application Development

Our services would not be complete without the cornerstone of the Digital Transformation: the development of cloud native digital applications. Our talented software engineers can build an application from scratch, tailored on your needs and requirements, as a haute couture dress.

Our Skills

Our skills space in a wide range of digital and web technologies.

In more than ten years of activity we have built for our customers web and digital applications of different kinds, leveraging on our skills on a wide number of technologies and programming languages. Our skills are always at sevice of our customers’ businesses growth.

  • 01- Business Processes Analysis and Requirements Gathering

  • 02- Software architecture Design

  • 03- Cloud Infrastructure Architecture Design

  • 04- Digital Cloud Native Application Development

  • 05- Serverless Technologies

  • 06- Containers Technologies

  • 07- Relational and NoSQL Databases

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